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To put it simply, Azergo's service is :

  • First contact: analysis of your needs, your project, your request.
  • If the request concerns a person with a disability: contact the beneficiary and analyze his or her problems, select and choose suitable solutions, make an appointment for intervention.
  • Installation of solutions in your workplace: workstation layout, customized settings, solution training, workspace advice.
  • Test your solutions under working conditions for 15 days, without obligation.
  • At the end of the trial period: validation of your solutions or adjustments if necessary.
  • Job summary and invoicing.


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Find out more about our procedures.

Not at all, Azergo is a player in the field of well-being at work. We can support you in your efforts to improve working conditions within a preventive framework, or to improve quality of life at work. Most of our solutions are also perfectly suited to prevention.

Do you have a corporate project to prevent MSDs or improve quality of life and working conditions for several employees? We have a wide range of adapted solutions, and our intervention is the same! Our advisors are on hand to carry out your installation and customize your solution settings, so that you can carry out your equipment trial period. Find out more about our preventive intervention approach.

We undertake to respond to all requests within 48 hours, and to offer you an appointment within 10 days. 

Yes, mostost of our solutions* are are eligible for at so you can test them under real working conditions. The duration of the trial period is 15 days**..

* Except: workbenches, custom solutions, acoustic solutions (cabane, office partitions, wall panels), Standard Free chair, Delta single-leg station, CPU support, computer screen, backpack, multimedia Controller, complementary furniture & accessories (cabinets, pedestals, etc.).  

** Can be even longer, depending on the situation: part-time work, vacations, teleworking, etc. 

Yes, of course, financial aid is available in the following cases:

  • If the beneficiary is employed by a private company and has an RQTHyou can turn to the organization that manages AGFIPH funds at departmental level: CAP Emploi.For more information: https: //www.agefiph.fr/ and https://www.capemploi.info/.



  • If the beneficiary is employed by an association and has a RQTHyou can turn to the OETH.For more information, visit https://www.oeth.org/.


To request a quotation, please contact your local advisor.

Please contact your advisor who will guide you in your approach and draw up a quotation for equipment tailored to your needs, with a trial run at your place of work.

Azergo supports you in your search for technical solutions to adapt workstations and workspaces, as part of the process of maintaining or integrating disabled people in the workplace (see details of our our curative approach) or as part of the overall improvement of working conditions and prevention of RSI (see details of our our preventive approach).

Azergo offers the following services:

  • Advice from our ergonomically-trained workstation design consultants
  • Technical solutions tailored to your needs
  • Trial period at your place of work
  • Training in good workstation practices
  • Equipment rental
  • Services for moving and reorganizing workstations
  • Refurbished equipment : Azergo Seconde Vie


Find out more about our intervention procedures.

Of course, over 70 ergonomic workstation design consultants are available throughout France. Find yours by entering your zip code on our interactive mapping.

Azergo also has a subsidiary in Switzerland. Find out more at www.azergo.ch.

Yes, we have 9 showrooms in France : Vourles (head office), Brest, Marseille, Meudon, Rennes, Caen, Orléans, Strasbourg, Metz. 

We can welcome you by appointment to present our technical solutions.

To find out the addresses of our various showrooms or to make an appointment, please visit our contact page. 

Azergo offers a furniture transfer service from one site to another or from one site to another. We take care of collecting the equipment Azergoequipment, pack it for transport and carry out the new installation and adjustments if necessary. To find out the cost of this presentation, please contact your sales consultant.

Visit our interactive map of working environments: choose your working environment, and consult the solutions adapted to this environment!

Please also consult our catalog where you'll find the full range of Azergo solutions.

Each of our ergonomic solutions has its own specific options and settings, making it possible to vary the overall price.In view of the large number of customization options, to find out which solution is best suited to your needs, we recommend that you contact your local advisor to draw up a quotation.

No direct purchases are possible via our website.

Thanks to the training of our ergonomics and biomechanics consultants, the pre-diagnosis we carry out and our wide range of solutions, we find the most suitable solutions the first time 95% of the time .

When the need is very specific, we have the capacity to design custom-made mechanisms, seats, backrests, etc.Discover the Fabrique Azergoour range of made-to-measure designs.

Rest assured, every problem has a solution!

Yes, thankshanks to our reconditioning chain Azergo Seconde Vie, you have the opportunity to subscribe to a reconditioned solution, with the same trial period as a new product. To find out about products in stock from this channel, please contact us.

You can go to the product page on our website, where you'll find all the technical information you need to consult. to consult and download: data sheet, instructionss instructionsinstructions, etc. For any other request, we'll call you backwith pleasure!

You can also your advisor Azergo who installed your solution for all setting requests.To find his contact details, go to our interactive mapping. If necessary, the advisor can come back to see you.

WEEE and WEEE are alls are both eco-contributions. One relates to the recycling of end-of-life waste from our small IT equipment, lights and screens (WEEE), and the other to furniture (WEEE).We apply these two ecocontributions in our sales price before tax in order to actively contribute to the recycling of our products at the end of their life. Find out moreon our CSR report.

You can send us your order or signed quotation to the following address commande@azergo.fr (or commande-ouest@azergo.fr for the Great West branch). It will be processed as quickly as possible, and a relay will be set up in the event of your advisor's sales assistant being absent.

71.4% of our solutions are manufactured in Europe, mostly by Scandinavian manufacturers with a significant approach validated by demanding labels in terms of ecology. 

To find out the status of your order, you can contact the sales assistant of the consultant in charge of your file. You'll find her name on the corresponding quotation, top left. Or, under your advisor's contact details, which you'll find on our interactive mapping by entering your zip code.

Please have your your quotation or order number.

You can make a request to the sales assistant of the consultant in charge of your file, who will send you a delivery note once the equipment has been delivered and invoiced.His or her name can be found on the corresponding quotation, top left. Or, under your advisor's contact details, which you'll find on our interactive mapping by entering your zip code.

Yes, our dense network of advisors in France means we can also deliver to your home. What's more, we collect all the cardboard boxes involved in delivery.

You can contact thesales assistant of the advisor in charge of your file. Her name can be found on the corresponding quotation, top left. Or, under your advisor's contact details, which you'll find can be found at on our interactive mapping by entering your zip code. A receipt will be sent to you as soon as payment has been received (deposit or full payment)..

Lhe payment term is 30 days from the invoice date..

You can reach the accounts department byy phone, choice "2.

If it's a problem problem, you can please consult your product ' s product to consult or download on the relevant product page on our website. Otherwise, please please contact our service SERVICE.


  • For all requests for service, appointments, estimates, advice on settings, product information or questions relating to your layout: contact your local advisor by entering your zip code.


  • For all requests for follow-up, order status, delivery notes or receipted invoices: please contact the sales assistant of the consultant in charge of your file. His or her name can be found on the corresponding quotation, top left. Or, under your advisor's contact details, which you'll find on our interactive mapping by entering your zip code.


  • If you're a specifier, a professional or you'd like to make a request directly on our site, please fill in the layout request and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Would you like us to contact you? Don't hesitate to your contact details, an advisor will call you shortly.


  • Should you have any questions or require general information, please do not hesitate to contact us on or contact@azergo.fr.

Yes, wehave 9local agencies  in France: Agence Est (head office), Brest Agency, South Agency, Rennes Agency, Caen Agency, Île-de-France Agency, Orléans Agency, Strasbourg Agency, Metz Agency. Find the information and contact details of our local agencies on our contact page.

We also have 50 storage facilities throughout France, enabling us to meet you whenever you need us.

Azergo offers you the opportunity to try out one or more solutions at your place of work, without having to visit a branch.

If you would like to see our full range of solutions, please do not hesitate to contact your sales consultant who can arrange a meeting on your premises, in our showrooms or at another location.

Yes of course. At Azergo, it is essential that all our ergonomic workstation design consultants have completed ergonomics training courses..

They are experts experts in biomechanics, ergonomics and activity physical activity to provide the best possible response to your needs, give you the best advice, and install install solutions 100% adapted to your needs. They'll take the time needed to make personalized and individual adjustments to the solutions, and answer all your questions, so that you can start your trial period in excellent conditions and on your own.

There are several diploma courses available to help you become an ergonomist. The Master's degree in STAPS: engineering and ergonomics of physical activity is one of the most widely recognized. You can also find more information on the Onisep website:https://www.onisep.fr/ressources/Univers-Metier/Metiers/ergonome#formations-diplomes.

First of all, thank you for lfor your interest in Azergo. You can find all our job offers here. to apply as well as the unsolicited application form page. Join our team.

Azergo and its Works Council offer a range of benefits to employees, according to defined criteria. At the same time, several agreements have been signed on subjects such as telecommuting, additional leave, profit-sharing...

We look forward to receiving your application or to hearing from you. contact us to discuss career opportunities at Azergo!

You will have the opportunity to give your opinion on the solutions and the service Azergo at the end of your equipment trial period, via our intervention summary which will be sent to you by e-mail.

Yes, you can contact our distribution department at distribution@azergo.fr.

Login platform Partner area is dedicated to our distributor partners, where you can find : HD images, technical data sheets, instructions, color charts, price lists, catalogs, videosvideos, etc.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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