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Who we are

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitments to acting responsibly

A corporate mission

We are proud to be a 100% French company, creating and redistributing value within our society.

Our vision of a company is that of an organization with a deep and active involvement in our society, having a positive impact on its challenges and mechanisms. A responsible company acts in a beneficial way on social, economic and environmental aspects on an ongoing basis. This philosophy is necessary if the company is to have a "soul" and live for the long term, and it's the one we've been nurturing since Azergo was founded in 2007.


Our CSR performance
in figures

0 %
of solutions come from Europe
0 %
headcount growth in 2023
0 %
of earnings redistributed equitably in 2023
0 %

CDI rate in 2023

tonnes of paper and cardboard recycled in 2023
Quality and solutions
Manufactured from recycled material
An industry Second Life
Commitments associations

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