What Women Want is a hilarious movie that shows what women what, www.gavinwatch.com what men think women want, and how different those two are. Nick Marshall is a chauvinistic replica rolex daytona executive who thinks he is God's gift to women. The thing is all the women are all so nice to him that he knows no different. One night Nick decides to try out some women's products and slips. He replica breitling slips into a tub that has water in it and is electrocuted when a hair dryer falls in too. When he comes around he doesn't feel any differently so he goes about his replica hublot business. He soon discovers his new ability when a woman thinks something and Nick questions her about it. He can now hear what women are thinking. Nick thinks about how great this could be and uses it to his advantage, then he meets Darcy. Darcy is a new edition to the company he works for and she doesn't think to highly of him. Nick is intrigued by this woman so he pursues her and ends up falling for her.

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